Students Counciling

Counselling is an integral part of the total educational process. Counseling cell enable the students to make them a Confident person with the positive attitude & take appropriate decision and manage the life for the better future. By counselling the students and parents enable to identify the abilities and talents, social assets and liabilities, emotional strengths and weaknesses etc. The Mission of the Counselling Cell is to facilitate "wise choices and decisions" and to promote "adjustment and mental health". The psychological purpose of counseling is to facilitate awareness for personal development.

To identify the problem areas or difficulties of individuals, their potentialities and limitations
To help students develop their potentialities through a greater self understanding to enable them to take full advantage of the environmental resources
To help mitigate suffering, reach appropriate solutions, take responsible decisions, and enable students to become self-actualized individuals.

Identify students who require help
Conduct counseling sessions
Refer students to experts for guidance
Organize lectures/seminars/workshops by experts and professionals
Administer, score, and interpret psychological tests.

Counciling Cell Members

Sl No Name Phone
1. Doctor xxx
2. ANSA K A 9745325970
3. LAKSHMI DEVI L 9497471121