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Diploma In Instrumentation Engg

HOD of Instrumentation Engineering Dept.

Diploma In Instrumentation Engg

Instrumentation is an art and science of measurement and control of process variables and calibration of various instruments. Instrumentation engineering is a multi-disciplinary stream and covers subjects from various branches such as chemical, mechanical, electronic, electrical and computer science. It deals with measurement, control and automation of process.

Almost all process and manufacturing industries will work with a separate instrumentation department which is managed by instrumentation engineers. The growth of aeronautical and space science sectors has also increased the scope for instrumentation engineering. Instrumentation engineers can also fit in both software and hardware sectors. Scope of instrumentation engineers in government PSU and semi-government plants are also on the high.

Girls pusuing instrumentation diploma courses can purse a career in automation. Enterpreneurs with instrumentation background had suceeded to be true industrialists and technocrats.


Inspire, inculcate and disseminate skill and knowledge in the domain of Instrumentation thereby enpowering girl students to contribute technically and professionally to the society.


Provide best Instrumentation studies for women

Develop leadership qualities, managerial and professional skills to meet individual and societal needs

Enhance entrepreneurial skills and team spirit with ethical values and to be the best provider of skilled manpower in Instrumentation

Motivate the students to be innovative, inspiring and people friendly professionals.

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